• Cinnamon

    The best Artificial Intelligence Labs in Southeast Asia

    focusing on startup businesses


    We're running 6-months coaching program to learn about AI technologies. Among 250+ applicants from top university in Vietnam, 4% selected to the program. By combining both academic theories and practical engineering skills, coaches fast-track them to senior and startup level

    Fundamental Knowledge

    The program delivers AI basic statistics and machine learning theories. The circular learning approach makes it highly interactive and learner-centric

    Practical Engineering

    Coding skills are constantly tested and improved by weekly assignments.



    Research Project

    Researchers tackle the challenging and real business problem by using AI technologies. They are supported by weekly mentorship from lead researcher.

  • AI Research Projects

    Our top researchers devote to tackle real business pains by using AI technologies

    Scheduling Virtual Assistant

    Automate administrative tasks

    Scheduling task is repetitive and low value-added to the business. We've automated that process by using Natural Language Processing technology. The chat bot is created to interact with people via different OTT platform (Viber/LINE/Messenger/etc.)

    Auto-scanning Resumé

    Optimise recruitment processes

    Recruiters receive thousands of resumé every month. And we make their jobs a lot easier by auto formatting and scanning those CVs. The tool relies on the core technology of Natural Language Processing


    Comfortably get to know people around you

    Although you have many friends, you realise you know too little about them. We help solve this problem by creating a social network where people get connected to the most close ones comfortably and privately. Our machine learning technology enables us to do so without letting users know about it