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  • AI Research Projects

    Our strong competitive advantage is integrating AI technology capacity and business understanding into 1 completed solution to resolve business problem

    Multilanguage Scheduling Assistant

    Automate administrative tasks

    Scheduling task is repetitive and low value-added to the business. We've automated that process by using Natural Language Processing technology. The chat bot is created to interact with people in different languages (English, Japanese), via different OTT platforms (Viber/LINE/Messenger/etc.)

    Resumé Auto-extract Information

    Optimise recruitment processes

    Recruiters receive thousands of resumé every month. And we make their jobs a lot easier by auto formatting and scanning those CVs. The tool relies on the core technology of Natural Language Processing

    HR Recommendation

    optimize job matching processes

    A smart system helps match candidates' profiles with suitable jobs requiremnents. More than that, the system uses market supply-demand theory to calculate competitve rate for a candidate applying for a job, then to suggest jobs which have most successful chance for applicant

    Auto-counterfeit Detection

    DECTect a fake lv bag by just taking a photo!

    The Machine Learning technology utilizes auto-counterfeit detection system which judges counterfeit by simple photo upload. This helps reduce training costs and talent supply risks of counterfeit detectors and increase the feasibility of global company expansion

    Website Aesthetic Auto-evaluation

    A hook for digital design industry

    Many small businesses are lack of ability to evaluate their websites' aesthetic objectively. We use Machine Learning to build an automatic evaluation tool which evaluates websites' beauty based on their visual and structure elements. The tool is aimed to develop to a website auto-design system


    We're running an annual coaching program to learn about AI technologies. Among 500+ junior talents from top-tier universities in Vietnam, 4% are selected to the program. Cinnamon designs a fast-paced development plan to foster AI talents to international level.

    Fundamental Knowledge

    The program delivers AI basic statistics and machine learning theories. The circular learning approach makes it highly interactive and learner-centric.

    Business problem-solving approach

    Researchers tackle the challenging and real business problem by using AI technologies. They are supported by weekly mentorship from lead researcher.


    Project management experience

    Reseachers experience intensive AI project management environment which requires daily report, weekly meeting and presentation, strong English communication skills. Researchers learn how to take ownership and to challenge others in a project.

  • Events

    Cinnamon organizes and attends several events to share about AI trend, technology and applications. We aim to foster a growing AI community in regional level.

    Raising of AI

    We co-organised the event with Zeroth.ai, an AI accelerator based in Hongkong. In the event, Michael and Hajime shared their insights about the Asia market for AI technology and the potential of Vietnam.

    Applications of Machine Translation

    The event aimed to create a chance for Vietnamese researchers and AI founder to interact with Google Translate engineer. We attracted more than 100 research engineers and some media units

    Fast track to AI Applications

    The event introduced several AI applications by senior and junior researchers. This was also the graduation day of Intelligence Program 2016 with 3 AI products showcase

    Startup Pitch Event

    Cinnamon attended a startup pitch event in Tokyo, Japan and won the 1st place among 9 ones.

    AI Seminar for non-tech business leaders

    Cinnamon organized AI seminar to bring general technology knowledge for businessmen, helping them to understand how AI can be applied in to business solutions.

    Era of BOTs

    The event included sharing from 4 regional startups about how to develop marketable bot products; how bots are changing the technology landscape in Asia. "Era of BOTs" was co-hosted by Cinnamon and Geeky Weekend.

  • Featured on Dealstreetasia

    For sustainable growth of AI in the county, experts opined that the entire ecosystem ... need to come together to nurture students in this field and also handhold startups. Among industry level initiatives, Cinnamon AI Labs ... hopes to build a group of 100 AI developers by the end of 2017.

    Intelligence Program is on air! Vietnam National TV

    As artificial intelligence technology is booming, the program is promising to create the new generation of research talents who are able to tackle global problems.

    Introduce Virtual Assistant on Vietnam National TV

    The company is able to eliminate low value-added jobs by using this new technology. User interacts with the scheduling virtual assistant in LINE platform. The project has the participation of Intelligence members.

    Products demo on Intelligence Program's graduation day

    On Intelligence Program 2016's graduation day, top students presented their 3 Demo products in front of 200 participants:

    • Website aesthetic auto-evaluation
    • Multilanguage shcheduling assitant
    • Passport auto-extract information


    Featured on local newspapers

    Cinnamon AI Labs' activities attract several local newspapers: GenK, ICTnews, Vietnam investment review...

  • Career

    We are looking for more talents with hungry-to-learn and winning attitudes. Together we design innovative AI solutions to transform business. Join us now!

    AI Solution Architect

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